Enabling developers to access Content Discovery Algorithms via APIs

We are beta testing now! Reach out to us on the Karma3 Labs Developers Telegram Channel to get early access!


Karma3 Labs builds open ranking and recommendation layer for decentralized social media platforms and protocols. We provide compute algorithms to discover reputable and relevant Profiles and Contents, as a means of meaningful discovery and recommendation via APIs. Starting with social graph settings, such as the decentralized social media platform Lens Protocol, developers can choose from (and customize) a variety of custom feed algorithms from Karma3 Labs’ open source repository.


We’re aiming to produce the following outcomes by helping developers:

  1. grow their user acquisition capabilities and improve user retention powered with engaging content on a global and personalized scale within a social network
  2. reduce spam/scam posts for users on front-ends, and therefore improved user experience by having signals of reputable profiles and relevant content
  3. provide a compute and storage layer which lowers operational costs of generating content recommendations solely by themselves

Customizable Algorithms

We offer social applications a collection of ‘feed’ algorithms which are designed to provide users with relevant and personalized content suggestions. Developers can choose the algorithms that best fit their needs and audience. Soon, developers will also be able to choose various parameters to tune a specific algorithm to their need.


We combine graph based reputation algorithms like EigenTrust with Machine Learning to create a set of custom feeds. Our feed algorithms use EigenTrust-based reputation scores of users/profiles as foundational signals to surface good quality posts, while reducing spam or users and content.

Our current APIs provide global content and personalized algorithms:

  1. Recent - Recent posts sorted by time of posting.
  2. Popular - Posts sorted by top ranked profiles engagement.
  3. Recommended - New and interesting content powered by AI + EigenTrust.
  4. Crowdsourced (Hubs and Authorities) - posts that garnered much interest interactions weighted by the reputation of the interacting parties.